Bespoke House signs

On this page, you will find all the information you need to order your very own, bespoke House Sign. Please do give everything a read carefully. Should you have any further questions or would like to go ahead with ordering a House Sign, please use the contact details found at the bottom of this page.


Jem & Neil

Pricing information

Basic Base Price

Backing plate and numbers ONLY included in the below pricing, cutlery designs can be added for an additional cost, please keep reading on for these costs.

Single Digit Sign - £110 (Approx. size of backing plate: 15cm tall x 12cm wide)

Double Digit Sign - £170 (Approx. size of backing plate: 15cm tall x 20cm wide)

Triple Digit Sign - £230 (Approx. size of backing plate: 15cm tall x 28cm wide)

For larger numbers, please contact us for a no obligation quote.

Cutlery Add-ons

Robin (Red Chest) - +£85

Butterfly (Heat-painted) - +£65 each (multiples available)

Dragonfly (Heat-painted) - +£45

Ladybird (Red Wings) - +£55 each (multiples available)

Bee (Heat-painted) - +£45 each (multiples available)

Fork Bird (Heat-painted) - +£85

Jenny Wren (Heat-painted) - +£85

Kingfisher (Heat-painted) - +£135

Poppy (Red) - +£90

You are not required to add a cutlery design to your House Sign if you do not wish to. You must be aware that you will receive only a backing plate and number(s) if you choose this option.


  • House Signs are the ONLY item we take orders on.
  • Turnaround times for House Signs are 12-16 weeks. If you do not confirm you are happy to wait a full 16 weeks for dispatch, you will not be able to order.
  • Full terms and conditions can be found here.
  • All prices include UK Recorded Postage. International postage is available for some countries, at an additional cost, during the checkout process.
  • All prices include full, protective lacquer.
  • We do NOT include hardware. Stainless steel screws (5mm countersunk)/fixtures must be provided by the customer and installed correctly.
  • We currently do not have the capaticy to make House Names. It is something we plan to introduce in the future, as soon as space and time allows.
  • You CANNOT order any of our other work. Pre-orders are reserved strictly for House Signs, anything else we create can be found in the SHOP.


Use one of the below links to contact Jem for a chat:

Website Contact Form


Facebook Messenger

Instagram Messenger

Please ensure you include the following details in your message:

  • Which house number you require.
  • Which cutlery design you want to add, if any.
  • Any important information you feel we need to know, that will aid in the design of your House Sign, IE; will it be placed in an obscure location, viewed only from a certain direction or anything of a similar nature?

Once we have had a chat and design, price etc has been provided and you confirm you would like to go ahead, a custom listing will be set up on the website shop for you to order and pay for your House Sign. The following applies:


  • Payment MUST be received in full before your order will go into the queue. Dispatch time is 12-16 weeks FROM the date of full payment, no exceptions.
  • All quotes are no obligation however, pricing may increase inline with inflation if you choose not to order at the time of quote given.
  • Custom listings will only remain active on the website shop for 48-hours. If you do not place your order within this timeframe, you will need to contact us to have the listing reinstated. If you do not contact us, we will assume you no longer wish to order and your original quote will be void.
  • We will always aim to create and dispatch your House Signs by the 12 week mark but you must understand that Neil's on-call firefighting schedule can vary greatly week by week and there are times, albeit rare, we will need to use the full 16 weeks.


Ultimately, we are human and Jem is always available for a chat so don't be afraid to reach out if you require any assistance.

We are full of understanding, patience and empathy so, even if we give you a quote and you realise it's just not for you, don't be afraid to say so. It really isn't an issue.

Thank you for your support and well done if you got this far!

Jem & Neil xx