Frequently asked questions

If you cannot see the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. [email protected]

Neil is a highly trained welder/fabricator, both TIG and MIG. He is also a fully trained CNC press brake programmer and operator (Trumpf and Amada) and has extensive drawing experience in CAD as well as extensive laser experience and a very firm understanding of engineering and problem solving. Neil has also worked on the restoration of vintage train carriages, cars and scooters; creating panels and parts from scratch to the final stage amongst many other things. He has over 10 years experience within fabrication, welding and engineering and provides an excellent quality finish with exceptional workmanship. Alongside being a firefighter and creating for No Forks, Neil is also a full time welder/fabricator/plater; working with structural steel. Do give us a shout if you require any assistance regarding traditional fabrication work.

Although this is a service we used to offer, given our schedule now Neil is firefighting on-call, we no longer take any commission work on so cannot offer this service any longer. Sorry for any inconvenience or upset caused.

You can add UV/weather resistant clear lacquer to any of our free-standing creations. If you choose not to add this on, we would advise against putting them outside. None of the wooden items are suitable for outdoors so please do not put bowls, bases, vases etc outside. You, as the customer, put our unprotected items outside at your own risk, No Forks Given Fabrications are not responsible for any damage that occurs in ignoring the advice given.

Under an LED light or in a bright spot with plenty of natural light. This will draw out the best colours from the metal. Please do not place heat-painted items outside without lacquer being applied. They will rust and damage much faster than polished or traditionally painted items. You can add lacquer on to most of our items during the ordering process. As the lacquer we use blocks UV, you will lose the blues and purples of the heat-painted finish and, instead, will get a beautiful gold and bronze finish instead. This looks beautiful against the natural backdrop of the garden and nature.

No Forks Given Fabrications was founded as a family business in August, 2017. 

We are in North Yorkshire, UK. We sell online only, though so no bricks and mortar shop to visit, sadly. Coastal Design in Campbeltown, Scotland stock a small selection of our sculptures if you are ever in the area but we do not allow anyone into our workshop or our home.

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At present, we are closed for any and all commissions.

The incredible Earth around us. Real life creatures, animals, birds and insects. Wildlife, day to day life and special moments. We have worked incredibly hard to stand out with our own distinguished style from the very beginning and we are so lucky to live in a stunning part of the UK surrounded by rolling fields and open space, seaside and rivers, streams and wildlife that give us inspiration every single day.

We have, unfortunately, been copied extensively and it is incredibly heartbreaking as every single one of our designs is an original belonging to us that we have poured our heart and soul into. This is not something we would ever do to another artist so please do not send any photos through of someone else's work and ask us to replicate. The answer will always be a very firm no.

We absolutely do. We have several customers up and down the country who scour their local selling pages, carboots and charity shops for us. As long as the cutlery is stainless steel (patterned or plain fine), we would be very happy to take it off your hands. We are always happy to cover costs/postage costs so do pop us an email to [email protected] if you have any old cutlery you would like to send us. Nothing new please, just second-hand stuff that would otherwise end up in landfill/scrap. We cannot use or accept EPNS, Chrome Plated, Chromium or Silver cutlery.

We currently post to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and parts of the US. Unfortunately, due to Brexit, we have had no choice but to remove shipping for Europe. It isn't a decision we wanted to make and we are truly sorry. We hope, one day, we can be part of a whole world again instead of being cut off from our fellow humans. Overseas customers are responsible for any customs charges incurred. No Forks Given Fabrications does not accept any responsibility for customs charges. Customers must pay these in full as soon as notified. Any items returned to us due to failure of payment will incur further charges to resend.

In our own fundraising events, we support SANDS, Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary and York Hospital Special Care Baby Unit equally. We will also happily provide £10 vouchers to other charities for their raffles/fundraising events. If you would like one for your event, please send an email including the full name and registered number of your charity, plus a contact name and postal address to send the voucher to and any other information you feel we need to: [email protected]